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Come Join Us!
This is an opportunity for you to attend and bring some friends who would like to learn how to become a more effective activist, as well as hear great speakers like Ben Carson and great leaders like Ted Cruz and Mike Pence. Tickets will go fast, so you are encouraged to sign up now. 2 days of great speakers, training, workshops, and networking with activists from across America. This is a rare opportunity.

So, here's an offer you just can't refuse because it's the best deal in Texas!

Register for the Texas Conservative Black Voters First Annual Leaders Summit at the NASA Hilton Hotel - Clearlake, which is hosted by Voters for Prosperity (VFP) on September 19-20, 2014, for $49.00 and receive an insane discount to the AFP Summit in Dallas for only $20.00, hotel room and lunch included for 2 days!

We only have a limited number of slots available, so you must stop now and take advantage of this great opportunity.  Just follow these step-by-step instructions today!

  1. Click here to learn more about the the VFP Summit on September 19-20, 2014, in Clearlake, then complete your registration.
  2. Once your registration and payment are processed, you will receive an email confirmation and a printable ticket.
  3. Immediately following, you will then receive a "Thank You" email with a registration link and promotion code for the AFP Summit in Dallas.

Listen, you can't beat that with a stick and you won't find a deal this good this summer for these prices.  So, come on and join the gang.

You'll hear from elected officials and business leaders who are leading the charge against Big Government.  You'll also get to meet and network with fellow activists who want to help you make a positive impact in your community!

If we have not yet met, I ask that you look for me. I will be wearing a name badge.

See you there!

Bill Calhoun

Texas Federation for Republican Outreach
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