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Bill Calhoun's Support of Donald Trump

As Chairman of the Texas Federation for Republican Outreach (TFRO), Bill Calhoun has this to say regarding his continued support of Donald Trump:

"Our members are dedicated to identifying and engaging independent, black voters. Despite the fact that they overwhelmingly vote for Democrat candidates, the economic condition of far too many African Americans has been marginal.  

The Republican Party has a positive message and we have been talking to voters about it. We share information with them on 2 critical issues:

1.  How to increase their income in this new economy that President Trump has created.

2.  How to adopt new strategies to save and accumulate wealth to pass on to their families.

It’s time for Republican candidates to help us by engaging black voters early in the campaign cycle with an economic message that puts the blame for so many disempowering public policies where it belongs--squarely in the hands of the Democrats.

As President, Donald Trump has kept his promises and he will continue doing so with our help.

Texas Federation for Republican Outreach
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