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Texas 3-Step

The TFRO outreach model is a permanent campaign conducted between elections and during elections. It is called the “Texas 3-Step.”

Step 1-Identifying The Voters

The first step is to purchase commercially scored data of self-identified African American consumers and link them to a 10-year Texas voter history file. The result is a unique database of African American Republicans and Independent voters. This is an ongoing campaign.

Step 2-Building The Party

Step 2 focuses on recruiting Republican African Americans who vote but do not participate and invite them to become leaders in order to rebuild the party at the precinct level.  This step takes place between elections.  Republican African American voters are recruited to become precinct chairmen, captains, leaders and election officials.

These leaders are then trained to reach out and engage independent voters in their precincts to persuade them to vote Republican.

Step 3-Get Out The Vote (GOTV)

The third step takes place days before the election.  It focuses on independents to persuade them to vote in the Republican primary and for Republican candidates in the general election.

Texas Federation for Republican Outreach
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